“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel

Sunday, 22 August 2010

London photo's

Birthday in London

I had such an amzing time in London . Plus i'm now actually 14  , i like feeling old :) .......
The day started early , well kind of . I got up , got dressed , which did take a while . Dont laugh but i brought another outfit to change into for wicked as i couldnt decide which one to wear .
 I didnt have enough time to open presents so i just did cards and got about £250 ( woah) including vouchers (£75 for topshop :0) then we did the travelling but that wasnt that eventful apart from the fact that i almsot left my most loved cardigan on the train so we had to run back and get it .... Then we got down to oxford street and we popped in selfridges , me and eden ( who i took with me) sort of causly strolled over to chanel trying  to look like we could actually afford it .We came towards the £20,000 chanel bags which were kept safe in glass boxes and just stopped a gazed at them in wonder. Then we dashed over to the jewelry ( but to get in there was  a security guard who had to lift a rope to let you in)  we stood there drooling at the jewellry. Then we spotted it ..... the clothes section , but to get in there ,a chanel shop worker had to use a special code to open the door . I thought i was going to have a heartattack from seeing all the amazing chanel clothes , and you know what .... I ACTUALLY TOUCHED A CHANEL JACKET  ( pheew breath ....) After that we went to primark (hhmmmmm chanel to primark one extreme to the other) but i actually got some quite nice things , which is odd as i never usually go to primark but hey hoh ... then we did all the normal shops like h&m where eden got the nicest hat , zara where i bought a cardigan and a skirt , urban outfitters a dress , TOPSHOP , a dress ,a scarf and necklace and ....almost the coat that i showed earlier in the blog but.... in the end i didnt becuase i would've had to lugg it to wicked , oh yeh i forgot to mention that I SAW WICKED AND IT WAS AMAZING AND LEE MEAD WAS IN IT :0  ( gasp , he was actually really hot ) . It was actually just the best thing .