“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel

Saturday, 27 November 2010

School Uniform ( hmmmmmm .... well kind of)

These are just pictures of my ( not really very ) school uniform
Bag- Beyond Retro
Blouse- Topshop
Scarf- Mum's
Coat -Mums
Gloves - John Lewis


Last weekend i went to T4 stars of 2010 ...... It was amazing but very squishy everyone was fainting . In some the fainting was funny as you would look around and sudenly see some one fall down onto other people . Ok so it isnt actually funny. I loved all the music and all but i would've been quite happy watching the catwalks but we had to go into the the main stage otherwise we wouldn't be near the front .... anyhow , This is what i wore .....

Blouse- Oxfam £5
Dress- Topshop £35
Necklaces - Car boot sale £2 each
Belt- Mum's but i think its from kew