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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Meadham Kirchhoff AW11

I was very excited to see what wonders my favorite fashion house would put together , with the genius fashion programmed minds of Edward Meaham and Benjamin Kirchhoff who can do no wrong and belive me after i'd seen the show i was not disapointed. Although it was short it was memorable i can still feel it ringing in my head. Infact i think that the length helped make it memorable. The impact it had when all the models walked on together was amazing and the colours. It shouldn't have worked , but it did . It just felt right nothing was wrong . My favorite loooks are trhe five above. I love the coral and blue look as i love the way the colours melt into each other. My first favorite has to be the pinafore and trousers. It's classy , girly , boyish and trampish all in one. I feel confused looking at it but thats what i likes about it . I feel puzzled yet intreged and whats more theres a sense of mystery from the hat. I love meaham Kirchoff as it makes me feel poetic............

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