“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel

Monday, 6 December 2010

Adapted Top

The top that i adapted is the grey one on top. Firstly i cut the sleeves off then tied them back together again. As you can see at the bottom . Then i cut the bottom of the top off to make the ruff at the top. I made the ruff by cutting slits and sort of looping them together. These are all techniques i learnt in textiles and i loooooove them.
The leggings are from topshop - £10
Camel blouse is from zara in spain - 11 euros
White shirt is from miss slefidge - £18

Clothes Show live

Hello .... Today i ventured up to the northern colder city of birmingham to go to the clothes show live. It is apprently supposed to help us with our textiles coursework , but personally i dont really see how.  Firstly we were outrageously made to wear uniform so i just adapted mine ever so slighlty :L .Anyway being forgettful as always i forgot water and a camera so i couldnt take any photos of the actual show. But to be honest the outfits wern't THAT good , thye were nice and all but a bit tacky. But i guess it was good inspiration. I am so blatently going to use a wild west crossed with space theme for my final textiles outcome thanks to the inspiration that the show gave me :L. But don't get me wrong i loved it there , there were goodie bags around every corner that you turned and millions and million and trillions ... infact google (gasp) amount of stalls selling makeup , food , clothes , shoes , jewellry etc. It was amazing in that aspect. Plus loads of the small brands like motel and annie greeanble who's clothes are sold in places like asos and topshop for £40-£60 , were being sold there for £10-£30. I was quite proud of myself as i only brought £30 which was quite low compared to most people and ( it gets better....) i only spent £20.
I actually bought a burberry patterned dress from VintageMotel - its so chavy that it makes it classy ( if that works) and a top from YourEyesLie which is quite plain and grey with a big black dot on the front. It was only cheap so i thought i'd by it an adapt it , which i did as soon as i got home.
Overall i had a great day out and a day off school ( nice cheesy ending) and lived happily ever after...
Please excuse the hair ... it had been a long day

Outfit ....... leather :o ( frisky - well not really)

Leather skirt - H&M £10
Flowery Blouse- Mum's
Belt- from a friend
Socks- Mum's
erm .. is it good or bad i have recentley noticed a pattern in my outfits which happens to be the fact that i live in my mum's clothes. hmmmmm

Sunday, 5 December 2010

  Firstly Sorry they are the wrong way round .... I'm writing this quickly while alexandra burke is singing on the results show.... ( i dislike her and jls should've won) anyhow , yes..... eer.
This is my outfit that i wore to the vintage fair in brighton.
At the moment im very keen on thigh high socks and have been practically living in them for the past week. I dont really like the black ones but i love the grey and white ones.
My dress is from Topshop and my cardigan is my mums.
My socks are from the one and only marks and spencer.
That day i actually bought a pair of joyful looking bananna yellow tapered trousers which i plan to wear with my leopard print coat. They are so cool , maybe even blinding.

Tweed Trousers ( we're gonna get married one day)

I frickin love these trousers - phrehaps a little too much .
I wore this outfit into town to do some christmas present "recomendations" to my mum.
Please excuse the "very beautiful" picture of me ... lets just say my mum isnt very good at capturing me in photo's at the time that i want her too.
TROUSERS!!!!!!!!!! are from Topshop
Blouse- Topshop ( but its actually a dress)
Brown waistcoat - Ebay