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Monday, 6 December 2010

Clothes Show live

Hello .... Today i ventured up to the northern colder city of birmingham to go to the clothes show live. It is apprently supposed to help us with our textiles coursework , but personally i dont really see how.  Firstly we were outrageously made to wear uniform so i just adapted mine ever so slighlty :L .Anyway being forgettful as always i forgot water and a camera so i couldnt take any photos of the actual show. But to be honest the outfits wern't THAT good , thye were nice and all but a bit tacky. But i guess it was good inspiration. I am so blatently going to use a wild west crossed with space theme for my final textiles outcome thanks to the inspiration that the show gave me :L. But don't get me wrong i loved it there , there were goodie bags around every corner that you turned and millions and million and trillions ... infact google (gasp) amount of stalls selling makeup , food , clothes , shoes , jewellry etc. It was amazing in that aspect. Plus loads of the small brands like motel and annie greeanble who's clothes are sold in places like asos and topshop for £40-£60 , were being sold there for £10-£30. I was quite proud of myself as i only brought £30 which was quite low compared to most people and ( it gets better....) i only spent £20.
I actually bought a burberry patterned dress from VintageMotel - its so chavy that it makes it classy ( if that works) and a top from YourEyesLie which is quite plain and grey with a big black dot on the front. It was only cheap so i thought i'd by it an adapt it , which i did as soon as i got home.
Overall i had a great day out and a day off school ( nice cheesy ending) and lived happily ever after...
Please excuse the hair ... it had been a long day

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