“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Casually dressing formal

This outfit was for a formal event i wsn't just dressing up for no reason although it is somthing i would do. No , this outfit was the the brighton fashion week after party. I got to go becuase my bezzy m8 martha was a top notch model in the show so she took me as her plus 1 to the after party. It was so much fun and there were so many models there , at 5'7 i felt short , which is why i wore my 5 inch heels , admitidly this did make me feel a whole lot better .
I went for dark and devious image , with my primark dress ( classy) , I was aslo wearing my gold and balck topshop heels and my topshop pink snakieskin clutch along with my gold collar necklace from HandM. I also went for some serious smokey eyes and a ballet bun.

Camoflage colour

 I decided to go for the camoflage colour so i'd blend in with all the plants

Self Timer can change a person

The top is from H and M - and i added the beads although i cannot take credit as it was ma friend izzys idea , so izzy if you see this ...... This ones for ya :)
Thwe shorts are from Beyond Retro and i juts had to have them as i walked into teh shop they juts screamed out to me ... " lucia lucia come and buy me you want me yes you do take me to the tilll and buy me cos im just so cool"

Walk the Walk

I had to go and feed my friends rabit , so i thought i'd whack on a pair of heels and practise walking in them. I am really am just the bee's knee's ... right ? ( NO)

My elegant dress

I bought this dress in london too and it wore it into town with my nanna ( bless her) . It was a cross over dress though and it was a really windy day so the dress kept blowing apart to expose my knickers eeeek. Lesson learnt- Your never safe in a dress / skirt on a windy day , no matter how long it is

Arkward Eating face

Sorry i was eating when these pictures were taking becuase i was in a rush, i didnt realise you could see it in my mouth:(  I look like a frickin hamster. Anyway this was my new flame orange blouse i bought in london , i love it so much i have nicknamed it my fire blouse as it all flowly and silky like fire. Im soo deep right ......

I am also wearing my new black hotpants which are so tight i can barley breath ahh well its all worth it.

I am also wearing yellow boots ..... and i know you should never put ornage and yellow together but i figured why not its the start of summer ... I CAN DO ANYTHING I LIKE . Cos wearing an orange shirt and yellow boots is Such a big deal :L

5 minute Fix

I was so proud of my self as i put this outfit together in no less than 5 mins - i was in a rush you see.

A fetish for mid length

Top - customised HandM
Skirt- HandM
I wore this outfit up to London , this was taken after i got back. I was actually wearing tights in the morning. But on the train i did a quick manovre to whip them off and let my legs go free becuase it was too hot

Monday, 6 June 2011

Bull fighter skirt

Whenever i wear this skirt i feel like a spanish bull fighter, becuase its so swishy and red i feel like when i wave it around some bull from no where will suddenly come out and chase me.
Skirt- Zara £26