“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel

Saturday, 22 January 2011

christmas tree ... sob sob its gone now

Blouse - Ebay

Skirt- Topshop sale £15
 This picture amkes my houise look so arty with the guitar and the .... well just the guitar . Can i just say our family are NOT musicians in any way shape or form.

Other outfits? / shoes

Oh my days why does the camera hate me.

Just a normal Saturday

OUTFIT number ..... 2

Again PLEASE  excuse the face . The dress is from a charity shop the skirt is from H&M and the hat is from a car boot sale

outfits for a change

Please excuse the close up picture my face looks awful but its all at the coast of showing you my turban ..... which is now own in black and red. I feel like a fortune teller in them , shame they dont exactly give you "the" power ( ahhh that was weird sorry) . Anyhow this is my not so school uniform as i like to call it . Im actuially wearing a black knitted dress from h&M , a brown belt which is my mums , polo shirt which you dont really need to know where it was from . AND MY TURBAN !!!!!!!

fhgrysuushuhiusutuuuu DRESS

Sorry for my outburst . It's just when i saw this dress i almost cried. It is so amazing. Look how the colours shouldnt go together but they do and even BETTER , their are little effiel towers in each pannel. Its just so beautiful. The lenght is amazing too its classy and quirky and inspired by the 1950's and this is why i want this dress more than i want another cat ( which is a lot)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Practical fashion ( well not really -its just in the name "harness"

I am in love with this very expensive belt. It really does fascinate me. Mostly becuase topshop are the creators of this wonder - not a high fashion designer but TOPSHOP..... However it comes with  a higher than high street price tag of £40. It may not seem that much but when you think what else you can buy for this amount. However on the plus it is kind of ........ Three belts in one and would save hire costs if you decided to go rock climbing ( oh who am i kidding) ......

Another con , is that it looks a tad gimpish ecspecialy seeing as im a huge fan of leather - skirts , trousers , shorts and own more than one of each of these items of clothing , i dont feel the two would go together and as i am not a massive fan of florals ......... i dont feel that it would go best with my wardrobe ....


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I hate Virgin media even more now

Look what they did .....  I was going to order this beautiful poncho top . But then the evil internet decided to sleep for a little bit  ( loose connection) , meaning that i had to delay this purchase . But when he finaly decided to wake up ( the virgin man had to come and fix it) the top had all sold out . Gone forever.......

Im a top moment

At the moment im having a little top fetish. Blouses , vests , shirts anything as long as its brightly patterned. Im feeling particular love to these three ecspecially the top one. The deckchair print is so frickin cool- I can just picture a hot day on brighton beach ( well maybe not hot ) me in this top sitting on a deck chair and juts blending right in. It's like cameoflague ( can't spell) for the beach lovers , that or a top with pebbles on it.
    I am also a bit bonkers for the bottom one too however that one is £65 which sadly i cant bring myself to pay.

Coats coats coats

In the end i didn't buy any of the coats i posted instead i did a sneaky little swap with my friend. She had a lovley Cream fur coat that i loved and i had a lace dress that she loved..... so we swaped. I love my fur coat and i personally think that she shouldnt have swapped it but .......... mmmmmwwwwahhhhhhhh ( evil laugh) its too late

Virgin media smells

I hate virgin media becuase our internet was down for ages because of them , So I'm sorry that is why I havn't posted in ages , But I'm back now . BLAME VIRGIN MEDIA.