“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel

Monday, 9 May 2011

Tres Bon

I found this picture whilst searching through images of australia fashion week. The dress is amazing, not only is it long and pleated , ponk and orange but its also caped at the back. I love how she has paired it with green acsessories.

Trip to covent gardens then warhorse.

 Flora and Briony

 The fur hat is sadly not mine although i wish it was and i may have to sneakly steal it from her mwwahhhhh
(evil laugh). The hat is Brionys .The dress is from Oxfam and the coat is from urban outfitters.
Rhoz and Holly
This door is so obviously  ten downing street...... Well ok fine its not quite but its still a grand door in convent gardens.

We went on a trip to convent gardens and then we went to see warhorse whoch was so toally amazing even though i was in tears the whole way through. It is the most emotional thing i have ever seen. It's wierd becuase i dont cry at humans at all but when its about an animal ill be sobbing away.

Trip to Yo sushi - Blue Monday

On the bank holiday Monday , we felt like getting some sushi and it just so happened to be that it was also blue monday at yo sushi. I had six dishes , but i only really like the cucumber maki so i really had six dishes of cucumber Maki ( each bowl has six cucumber maki on it so that means it ate .....  36 maki rolls ... i think?)

My Little White Lace Socks ( LWLS for short)

The cardigan is from Ebay
The top is from our schools drama depratment costume clearout
The trousers are from urban outfitters , and do look more leatherish usually but the flash make them look like rubber.
The shoes are from none other than primark , theyre actually my pe shoes. However i decided not to buy a new pair for normal wear becuase i like them looking slightly brown and worn. When they are first bought they are juts a glowing white colour. ( sorry rambling a bit).