“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel

Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Style ( and I'm not talking about Kates Dress)

I love love love what the princess duo are wearing. They both look suitable yet ecentric. Of course not seen without their hats ( it is the royal wedding of course) they both stole the show on the fashion stakes.I love the detail on Princess Beatrices coat, with the lattice like collar. It some how manages to look chic and elegant whislt looking young and quirky.
Then theres Princess Eugenie who looks shapley and unique in her blue themed ensemble. I ecspecially love the pattern on top. It looks medieval but with a modern twist.
Then onto the hats , both of which are quirky and defenietly stand out among the sea of other hats. Both girls have obviously thought carefully into findign at hat which would match there outfit exactly , and they have succeded.I really cannot decide which hat i prefer. The ribbon shaped hat  , that kind of looks like horns of a gazelle ( or as my mum called it "the spagetti hat") or the feather/flower hat that is placed so meticulously on Eugenie's head. These are two who should be watched.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Leather (more like rubber) trousers

Martha risked her life taking this photo .... well not exactly but she stood in a shower holding the laptop in one hand ..... her arms could've fallen off with the horrific pain. See what my friends do for me :)

I Felt like such a gimp in these trousers and i could barley breath ... but i loved them all the same.
I found the top in my mums wardrobe , i love it because it has a cool oriental pattern .... oooohhh oriental. I like to call this my multicultural outfit . As the top is oriental .. ish and my shoes are royal british ... well they remind me of jesters . Perfect for the royal wedding. My trousers represent everywhere as everywhere has leather :L
Trousers- Topshop

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Chaving it up

Its M -M- Maxi Time

Is this actually .... English weather

Dress - Topshop

The real "granny dress"

Back Home - and YES it was warmer here ... dont rub it in


Pink Trousers- i cannot begin to apologise for "the mirror" photots :L

My mother , the darling that she is was purposley not around when i was dressed , just so she wouldnt have to take the photo. Typical .... she left me to have to use the mirror. Sigh . Mums, who needs them

Evening Attire on the Big ship Ventura

Blue Dress - Topshop
Pink Skirt- HandM
Black Top- Urban Outfitters
White Dress- Spain
Clogs- Topshop
Gold necklace- Mango
Getting dressed up for the evenings were the best bit

La Curana

Green skirt - ZARA
Clogs- Schuh
Bag - Again MandS - Gotta love marks and sparks

Camals in Canaria

Sorry please excuse the horrible mirror pictures , its juts my mum was getting sick of taking pictures of me every morning so i had to do it myself , i tried self timer but it really didn.t work so i had to resort to "the mirror"
Shorts- The Lanes
Bag- Marks and Sparks ( fyi - for those of you who don't have m and s crazed mothers - marks and spencers)


Shorts - H and M
Sunglasses- Vinatge
Top - Customised H and M
It may look rather dulll ( the weather that is , the actual place was lovley) It was actually warm .