“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Topshop Unique - LFW

I watched the unique show live ( as im that cool ) and i love it , i love all the drapes and unusual floral prints . I love the hippy but most of all i love the shoes all of them ..... ahhh i wish i could afford them but sadly i can't ecspecially seeing as just one topshop unique dress is around £200 a pop  , which is very depressing . I ahve to say i was a bit dispointed by the actuall setting of the show it was quite tame and it wasn't that origianal , compared to there previous collection it wasn't quite as good in presentation and the "finale" was a bit rubbish , but APART from that i thought the clothes were amazing and the models looked great
 I reccomend you watch it - http://www.topshopsponsoredshowslive.com/

Friday, 17 September 2010

AHHHH dont you just love it ....

London Fashion Week

Oh my chirst ..... (sorry blasphamy but its nessacary) guess what starts tommrow ... no don't bother ill just tell you it's wait for it
LONDON FASHION WEEK .... im just gonna repeat that just so you ddin't mistake me
where all the best of british designers showcase there brand spanking new designs and where the fash pack come out in full force and a new uniform , what will it be midi winter skirts ala Louis vuitton embroided leather ala Christiphor kane or will the pack go for a sprinkle of meadham and kirchhoff and encorparate the "dressing up box" theme into their looks. Personally i cannot wait , i am ecspecially looking forward to seeing what marvelles charles anastase will produce and of course Richard Nicoll and my new favorites Mary Katrantzou and david koma . Sadly i cannot be there but my heart , soul and spirit will and techinally my eyes too as i will be watchign every move online with many sites offering a live video feed. It's not my preffered option but ehhh what can i do , they do say you cna only move up .

Sunday, 12 September 2010

I love tribal stuff

I swear alexa chung has everything she even has some o9f the nicest tribal stuff ever which makes me very sad indeed . In the nicest way possible i think alexa chung should just piss off . ( I'm sorry alexa its nothing personal you just make me jealous :(  (otherwise i love you)

Sunday Market

I am now (unofficially) the worlds biggest fan of the sunday market at the marina. It's amazing ,how did i never think to go there before . It's full of amazing treasures lol ... I bought 2 brooches which were both amazing i might post some photos of them later . I bought 3 necklaces and a blue checked blazer and skirt ( techianlly its called a skirt suit but i really really don't want to say that i bought a girls suit ) I bought a scarf and dress dungarees but not denim ones . Im sure theres somthing else but i cant remember :( ..... words cant describe how amazing the things i bought were ( well i think there amazing) i think i will just have to post some photos of them alll , As i don't want to insult them by calling them nice ........................................... Oh Dear