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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Topshop Unique - LFW

I watched the unique show live ( as im that cool ) and i love it , i love all the drapes and unusual floral prints . I love the hippy but most of all i love the shoes all of them ..... ahhh i wish i could afford them but sadly i can't ecspecially seeing as just one topshop unique dress is around £200 a pop  , which is very depressing . I ahve to say i was a bit dispointed by the actuall setting of the show it was quite tame and it wasn't that origianal , compared to there previous collection it wasn't quite as good in presentation and the "finale" was a bit rubbish , but APART from that i thought the clothes were amazing and the models looked great
 I reccomend you watch it - http://www.topshopsponsoredshowslive.com/

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