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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sunday Market

I am now (unofficially) the worlds biggest fan of the sunday market at the marina. It's amazing ,how did i never think to go there before . It's full of amazing treasures lol ... I bought 2 brooches which were both amazing i might post some photos of them later . I bought 3 necklaces and a blue checked blazer and skirt ( techianlly its called a skirt suit but i really really don't want to say that i bought a girls suit ) I bought a scarf and dress dungarees but not denim ones . Im sure theres somthing else but i cant remember :( ..... words cant describe how amazing the things i bought were ( well i think there amazing) i think i will just have to post some photos of them alll , As i don't want to insult them by calling them nice ........................................... Oh Dear

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