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Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Style ( and I'm not talking about Kates Dress)

I love love love what the princess duo are wearing. They both look suitable yet ecentric. Of course not seen without their hats ( it is the royal wedding of course) they both stole the show on the fashion stakes.I love the detail on Princess Beatrices coat, with the lattice like collar. It some how manages to look chic and elegant whislt looking young and quirky.
Then theres Princess Eugenie who looks shapley and unique in her blue themed ensemble. I ecspecially love the pattern on top. It looks medieval but with a modern twist.
Then onto the hats , both of which are quirky and defenietly stand out among the sea of other hats. Both girls have obviously thought carefully into findign at hat which would match there outfit exactly , and they have succeded.I really cannot decide which hat i prefer. The ribbon shaped hat  , that kind of looks like horns of a gazelle ( or as my mum called it "the spagetti hat") or the feather/flower hat that is placed so meticulously on Eugenie's head. These are two who should be watched.

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