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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Micheal van der Ham AW11

The show was good but i don't feel blown away. Dont get me wrogn the dresses were stunning and the wedges were flattering but i feel like ive seen it all before. During the show i felt myself edging more and more towards the back button on the computer. Of course if i could i would defenitley buy one of the dresses as they are truly stunning but i felt that they could've acsessorzed them better . Im all for simpliclty but not literally. When you see true simplicity it takes you breath away. Im still breathing...
I also dont think that the collection fitted well together. Alll the peices were great but it felt like an unfinished jigsaw peice.

I did have a few favorites though , but they needed somthing more . They are beautiful missing the b

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