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Monday, 9 May 2011

Trip to covent gardens then warhorse.

 Flora and Briony

 The fur hat is sadly not mine although i wish it was and i may have to sneakly steal it from her mwwahhhhh
(evil laugh). The hat is Brionys .The dress is from Oxfam and the coat is from urban outfitters.
Rhoz and Holly
This door is so obviously  ten downing street...... Well ok fine its not quite but its still a grand door in convent gardens.

We went on a trip to convent gardens and then we went to see warhorse whoch was so toally amazing even though i was in tears the whole way through. It is the most emotional thing i have ever seen. It's wierd becuase i dont cry at humans at all but when its about an animal ill be sobbing away.


  1. I love your white tights with the dress, makes it extra cute. I'm the very same when it comes to animals it really I find it really upseting x

  2. ahh thank you , yeh it was so sad xxxxx